Contractual Sneak Peek






Long legs straddle my lap causing me to lean back in my chair. Perfectly manicured hands graze my bare abdomen as they travel upward hooking around my neck. Her scent…something floral, which was once appealing to me, infiltrates my senses, triggering a flashback of a rather volatile romp in the bedroom that happened not even half an hour ago. Thin lips kiss me just above my jaw and a mass of platinum blond hair blocks the view of my dimly lit computer screen.

“Enough, Cecily.” I dig my fingers in her tiny waist and firmly push until she dislodges her mouth from my face. She looks up at me with a sullen face, a fake pout intended to make me feel bad, intended to make me weak.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to stay, Jackson? I haven’t seen you in quite some time. I’ve missed you, darling.” I lean back against the cool leather chair and fight the urge to roll my eyes at her.

“Why must we play this tedious game every single time?”

“What game?” She plays the part of the dumb blonde very well, too well, trying to use every trick in the book, every tool in her arsenal, to get me caught up in her web.

“The game where you pretend that this is more than what it is; that we are more than what we are.”

“I know what we are, Jackson, I’m perfectly aware of what. We. Are,” she says with a sigh. “Still, I can’t help but hope that when all is said and done, that when you get tired of the meaningless encounters and the empty sexual trysts, you’ll realize that it was me…that I was the one who lasted, the only one who you kept coming back to.”

“I come back, Cecily, because despite the fact that you are just like every other gold digger I’ve ever met, you suck the best cock and always take it exactly how I want to give it to you. And if the reason you do that is because you think that it will make me one day want you to stay for more than just a few hours, then by all means keep believing that because if you should someday get a clue, I would miss the feel of your expert mouth on my dick.”

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