Desperation of Love (Of Love #2)

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“You cannot read this book and NOT become emotionally invested in these characters; it is impossible.” – Wendy Ferraro


desperation of love

To the outside world, Jordan Burke appears to have the perfect life. A fulfilling career, family and great friends, but looks can be deceiving. Events from her childhood, and a painful secret, keep Jordan isolated and unwilling to commit to any man. For her, every relationship comes with its own expiration date.

Alex Garza has lived in the shadow of his brother’s fame for most of his life. He’s an outcast in his own family and never able to put his own needs first. When his brother gives up his career to settle down, Alex is forced to reevaluate his life plans too. Over the past year, his friendship with Jordan has developed into a source of comfort. Now that he has the time to devote to a relationship, can he convince her to take a chance on love or will their painful pasts and a tragic event destroy their future?



Excerpt from Desperation of Love

Looking at him now, I can see something there that I haven’t noticed before, it’s pain. He keeps it hidden and he’s good at it, I would know, I’ve been doing the same thing for years, maybe that’s why we’ve always been drawn to each other, now I can’t help but to wonder what has put that look on his face. What or who has caused Alex pain? “Come on princess, let’s go get our feet wet.”

“Yeah?” I can feel the shift in his mood and it’s infectious, I like when Alex is in a playful mood, it makes me giddy.

“Yeah.” He gets out of the car and comes around to open my door. I hop out and take his cue, taking off my shoes and rolling up the bottom of my jeans so that they don’t get wet. He takes my shoes from me and tosses them in the backseat along with his. He grabs my hands as he walks backwards, pulling me forward as he goes. “You ready?”

“Yes.” I squeal.

“It’s probably cold.” he warns.

“Just don’t do anything crazy alright.”

“What? Like this?” He tugs on my hands and jerks me forward until our chests are touching, he bends down and pulls me over his shoulder in a fireman’s hold.

“Alex!” I shriek, laughing at the same time. “Put me down, if you throw me in that water I swear to God, I’ll kill you!”

“I can’t hear you over the sound of the waves, what did you say?”

“Alex please, don’t throw me in.”

“Say it again baby, I like it when you beg.”

“Alex please!”

He laughs, “Alright princess.” He says as he plants me back onto the floor, my feet coming into contact with the chilly water. I try to hit him on the chest but his arms are around my waist before I can move. He pulls me closer, until our bodies are touching, I have to look up in order to meet his eyes. I regret it as soon as I do, because his lips swiftly crash against mine before my brain can even register what’s happening. I want to pull away, I know that I should pull away but this is how he does it, how he draws me in every single time we’re alone together.


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