Translation of Love (Of Love #1)


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“Once you start this book you will not want to put it down. I was addicted from the beginning and lost a few hours of sleep because I kept saying “one more chapter” and I just couldn’t stop.” –Debra Presley


translation of love

Ellie Brooks has spent the past two years of her life building barriers around herself that are guaranteed to keep people out and her demons in. She doesn’t want to get close to anyone for fear of being hurt again. When she meets Latin superstar Victor Garza, she is shocked at how quickly he is able to penetrate her armor. She doesn’t want to let him in but can’t deny the chemistry they have. He has the potential to heal her wounds and open her heart but she isn’t sure she can let him.

Will love be enough to keep them together or will Ellie’s past prove to be too much for the pair to overcome?


Excerpt from Translation of Love

The autograph signing dragged on for what felt like forever, as much as I love my fans I hate doing stupid shit like this. This book has nothing to do with my music, it’s just another way to try to make money off of me. I’m starving by the time the last book is signed, I just need to get out of here and unwind.

My bodyguard Rob and the extra event security escort me out to the waiting SUV, I hop into the back and ask to be taken to a nearby restaurant. As we drive my mind wanders back to earlier in the night, and the girl in the bookstore, shit she was beautiful. If there hadn’t have been so many people waiting on me there’s no way I would have let her walk away so fast.

She was affected by me, I could tell by how nervous I made her, I don’t normally go for the shy type but there was something about her. A look in her eyes that made me want to keep her close, protect her from whatever it is that put that look there. The SUV comes to a stop at what appears to be the main street in this town. I hop out and start walking, I turn my head to see Rob walking a few steps behind me as I make my way toward a quiet restaurant. He always prefers for me to wait for him to let me out of the car but in a town like this in the middle of New Jersey, not too many people would know who I am. Before I have a chance to look forward I feel my body hit something. Shit, I turn around to see a girl on her hands and knees on the floor.

Damn, I knocked the poor girl down, “I’m so sorry,” I say as I move to help her up off of the ground.  I pull her up and apologize again as I steady her, “Are you okay, Miss? I’m so sorry I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.” I let her go, and she turns around to face me.

“No, It’s okay,” She says, as her eyes meet mine, I see the shock register in her eyes at about the same time they register in mine. “Wha…”

It’s her, the girl from the bookstore, I’m stunned to see her but I’m also fucking thrilled. My night has just gotten that much better. “Oh, wow! Hi. Twice in one night, huh?”

She takes a step back, if I didn’t know any better I’d say she almost seems scared. “Um, yeah… That’s strange.” She says hesitantly.

“Elizabeth, right? Are you sure you’re okay? Did I hurt you?”

“Yes, I’m fine. I’m sorry I wasn’t watching where I was going either.” She looks at me almost expectantly. “I didn’t catch your name earlier.” She says. Just hearing her ask my name makes me smile.

“It’s Victor.” I reply, not once taking my eyes off of hers.

“Victor, well I’m sorry to keep running into you like this.”

I shake my head at her, “I’m not. I think it must be a sign, don’t you? Fate maybe? I mean what are the odds of running into a beautiful woman twice in one night?” I’m laying it on thick but I’m trying to get some type of reaction from her. I see her blush at my comment. “A sign? You believe in signs?” She’s engaged in the conversation now, I’m not leaving here without at least a phone number.

I grin at her and nod my head. “I do. I think if you pay attention, you’ll notice signs everywhere, the universe is always trying to tell you something.” What the fuck am I talking about?

She tilts her head and smiles a bit, “So what’s the universe trying to tell us now?” she asks in a flirty tone.

I try to look serious, pretend that I know what the hell I’m talking about. “Well, seeing as though we’ve crossed passed paths twice in the last few hours, I think the universe is trying to tell us that we may need to get to know each other a little bit better.”

She lets out a nervous giggle, drawing my gaze down to her mouth, I grin at her and have to look up quickly before the urge to kiss her is too much.  “Is that so? You seriously believe that?”

I’ve got her attention, now it’s time to go in for the kill, I look her square in the eyes, “I do, Elizabeth. I think that we owe it to ourselves to listen to what the universe is telling us. We wouldn’t want to throw off the balance of things.”  I sound like a fucking fortune cookie but I don’t care as long as it buys me some time with her.

She contemplates what I’ve said for a moment, “And how exactly do you suggest we get to know each other better?” She looks like she regrets the words as soon as they’ve left her mouth but it’s too late, I know she’s interested.

“Well, I’m assuming you’ve already eaten since you’re coming out of a restaurant but can I buy you a drink?

She’s hesitant, I can tell she’s weighing her options, “I’m sorry, but it’s late and…”

“Come on, Elizabeth, just a drink. I don’t bite and I really do feel terrible for knocking you down. It’s the least I can do.” I smile at her, and her trepidation dissipates, she’s mine.

“Okay, just one drink.”

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